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Get rewarded. Wherever you are.


GetintheLoop makes shopping local easy and rewarding. Our members enjoy discovering experiences, offers and prizes from local restaurants, retailers, and other small businesses. Join today by downloading the free GetintheLoop app.

App_Badges (1).png
App_Badges (1).png

How will GetintheLoop help me?

The GetintheLoop mobile app will help you shop local and support local businesses by providing you with a live feed of current experiences, deals and announcements straight to your phone or other mobile devices.

Discover exclusive offers and incredible experiences easily and conveniently, wherever and whenever you want.

Download GetintheLoop today and start getting the experiences and savings you deserve.

Why Members Love GetintheLoop


Discover Great Experiences

Access great experiences and offers from your favourite businesses across Canada.


Never Pay In Advance Again

 Use GetintheLoop immediately, on the go in-store, online or by phone. You never have to pre pay again!

Experience More
For Less

 Companies offer exclusive offers and unique experiences every day. Get more for your money!

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