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Connecting Local Businesses With Local Customers




We Believe in Local Business
Local business is the cornerstone of any strong and vibrant community. We take pride in our ability to make marketing easier, more efficient and less expensive for all small business. We’re always looking to sharpen and refine the tools we’ve created to help even more people discover the trades and talents showcased daily within the cities and towns they call home. Local business is the root of community, which is why we remain inspired by, and committed to, the ideal of shopping local, wherever you are.


3 Promises To Our Local Business Partners


We will provide local business partners with a voice that engages the modern mobile customer.  


Deliver each one of our local business partners with the ongoing service, support, and creativity they need to engage customers and drive return visits. 


Allow every local business partner to advertising their business for a low monthly fee, the ability to advertise 5 different offers at once, and do so without a long term financial commitment.  

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Who is behind GetinTheLoop?

I am Sarah Graham, the local franchise owner of GetinTheLoop for Ottawa and Gatineau, my place of origin.  I am freshly retired from the Canadian Armed Forces where I acquired a load of experience in project management, strategy, event management and public relations.  My partnering clients benefit from all these skills.


I am a person who invests in her local community and who loves to promote relationships amidst it.  I am the co-founder of the Association des résidents de Bellevue-Nord (11 years now), and I have been involved with the Scouts Canada for a few years.  When I returned to my hometown, I realized that we have little jewels of businesses that unfortunately lack visibility.  Today’s marketing can be a complex affair that takes time, knowledge and investments that can quickly become substantial.  In addition, it is not easy to measure with precision what works, therefore if the ROI is real.


My objective was to find a simple, quick and efficient method to promote our local businesses, their involvement in the community and to create closer ties between local businesses, consumers and organizations.  My research has led me to GetinTheLoop, a neat Canadian technology created to promote local businesses through mobile marketing, the emerging method of choice.


For as long as I remember, I am a person of service who loves to work in a team towards a common objective.  I am first and foremost a partner for my clients, and their objectives become mine.  That is why I believe it is important that we choose each other and commit to one another.


Results-oriented, dynamic, I implement solutions with you to develop my vision of a prosperous and supportive business community, engaged and at the forefront for Gatineau and Ottawa.

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A united Gatineau community that invests in its home by purchasing from its local businesses.
People who have access to a simple and practical mobile digital tool to discover our businesses, take advantage of offers, loyalty programs, unique experiences and rewards.
Thriving, dynamic businesses working together and reinvesting in our community.

Common Questions


Q: Where is GetinTheLoop used?

In dozens of communities in Canada. For now, Gatineau is the pioneer French-speaking Quebec community – but it’s a matter of time before other GetinTheLoop communities open in Quebec!

When consumers travel elsewhere in the country, they can use the same app to discover local businesses where they are.


Q: GetinTheLoop works currently with how many local businesses ?

As of September 2023, we have around twenty companies on the platform in Gatineau. We are looking for companies wishing to participate in this local purchasing community project. We favor unique small and medium-sized independent businesses that do not benefit from corporate marketing. The more we are, the more value the service will gain!


Q: How many members have downloaded the mobile app?

In the summer of 2022, at the end of the pandemic, we already had 6,500 members in the region. The objective is to build our community by bringing together 75% of fans of local purchasing and those looking for special offers.

In addition, the offers of our partner companies are also seen on other digital platforms thanks to strategic partnerships developed between 2021 and 2022. This is why we now use reach as an engagement metric instead. To find out more, go to the Business section.

Downloading the app is free for consumers. It allows them to shop locally wherever and whenever they want. To better understand how to use the application, see the tutorials.


Q: Why would I want to use GetinTheLoop Gatineau for my business?

GetinTheLoop Gatineau offers a unique local promotional marketing service. Its mission is to provide a multiplatform, simple, fast, efficient and affordable service for small and medium-sized businesses. To find out more, go to the Business section, or contact us.

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Contact us

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