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Restos ensemble

COVID-19 has made life difficult for our businesses, which are struggling to stay afloat in several cases, especially in the restaurant sector. This is why, in November 2020, GetinTheLoop Gatineau developed an initiative to sponsor local restaurants, with the help of other local businesses.


Restos ensemble allows restaurants to use all GetinTheLoop tools and services free of charge over a 6-month period, funded by GetinTheLoop and the sponsoring companies. At the end of the 6 months restaurants can choose to continue at their own expense, change plans, or leave, without obligation.


It is a winning initiative for:

1. Restaurant owners who benefit from mobile marketing services free of charge for 6 months;

2. Sponsor companies which obtain visibility and public recognition of their contribution; and

3. Members who have chosen to discover and support great local businesses.


Contact us for more information on this initiative.

Pub_patio par Richère David.jpg

Photo : Pub_patio par Richère David

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